Message From Archangel Metatron: Trying Times

We are glad to have the chance to talk to you again today, and we mourn with you for all the chaos that is going on in your world. As you are aware, your world currently is experiencing much upheaval and this is bringing the darkness and the fear to the surface for so many of you. We ask you to remain calm, and to try and distance yourself from all the negativity and the drama that is going on around your planet.

Today there was another heinous terrorist event in Brussels. This is meant to put fear into the hearts of many because the light is ever increasing on your planet and the old guard is trying last ditch efforts to keep the power and the control that they are so afraid to lose. But lose they will. The scales have finally turned in your favor and the Golden Age that you all have been working and praying for is on its way, however not as quickly as some of you would like.

When events happen, like what happened today, it brings about fear and some chaos; but it also brings an outpouring of love from people all over the world for the families and friends of the victims in these attacks. As many of you know when you decide to incarnate on earth during your various lifetimes, you have a life plan and soul contracts. All of the people that have been killed in these terrorist attacks that have been perpetrated on humanity have volunteered for these missions in order to help humanity to wake up and realize that they are being controlled by the dark forces and to ultimately help usher in the Golden Age. While we know that this is very hard on their friends and families, we must thank these souls for the sacrifices they have made for the overall good of all humanity. We also ask you to pray for the family and friends of the terrorists themselves. All is not as it seems and the friends and family members all need your prayers as well.

Your planet has never had so much light energy being sent to it than there is now. You are all feeling the effects of the energies that are being sent to your planet in order to bring everything into the light. As you are aware, this has been a very busy month astrologically. Two eclipses, full moons, comets flying by, the Equinox and finally the Jewish and Christian holidays that are coming at the end of the week. This week the earth is getting hit with a powerhouse of light and energy. The dark can no longer hide and they know it and they are running for cover and trying the last ditch efforts to survive and to continue to enslave humanity.

As we have talked about before, we ask you to step back and look at the big picture and try to stay out of the day to day chaos. Your media is controlled by these dark ones and you are not seeing all the good that is going on in the world. There are so many things that are being brought to the light and so much good happening around you and the world. The internet is a good place at times for truth, but we ask you to use discernment because there are many untruths being told as well. If you are not sure what to think or what to do in a certain situation, we ask you to quiet your mind, go to your heart center, and ask your higher self, Angels, Guides, loved ones or just trust your gut because the truth will be shown to you if you truly ask for it to be.

As we have talked about before, 2016 is the year of truth. The truth of many things that have been hidden from humanity is going to start to come out and it is already coming out but being blocked from the masses due to the manipulation of the media. You are the strong ones. The light bearers and wayshowers. It will be soon time for you to begin your missions if you haven’t already begun. You have all been given the strength and the ability to do it. We ask you to take that leap of faith. We are here to catch you. This is the time that you have waited lifetimes for. You are not reading this message by accident. You are meant to read this. If you feel you are not ready, work on yourself. Ask the spiritual beings for help to get you ready for your earthly mission. These missions do not have to be big and grand, but all of you play an integral part of God’s plan and no one’s mission is more important than another. We are here to help you, and to give you the strength to move forward.

In these very challenging times it is important that you stay heart centered and look at everything from the big picture and do not get caught up in the weeds. Honor yourselves, ask for help, find like-minded friends, and do whatever it is you need to do to take care of yourselves during this time. It is not an easy time for many because your lives are radically changing. But the old saying, “the truth will set you free” is just what it will do for humanity and your planet.

Until next time we are sending you never ending unconditional love, light and strength more than ever before. If you have questions ask us, or ask our scribe and she will relate what you would like to know after checking with us. You all have the power. It is time to step into your own POWER and do what you have come here to do. Please do not continue to give your power away to others. Stand tall and be proud of who you are.



Metatron's Muse is a page that is dedicated to the channels of Archangel Metatron channeled by Dana Wagnon

 (Click Image) Metatron’s Muse is a page that is dedicated to the channels of Archangel Metatron channeled by Dana Wagnon.  


My story with Metatron came upon very suddenly. One night i was meditating and out of the blue, I hear a very loud and deep voice in my head say, “I AM METATRON“. We then began communicating on a regular basis. He asked me if I would be willing to channel for him and distribute his messages. He also asked if I would be willing to work with him, to give energy attunements to people, and said more would be asked later when I was ready. Of course I said yes, and here is my page. Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have and feel free to share any experiences that you think others could relate to, whether it is different practitioners, different ideas, questions or anything else that you are guided to share with the group.

Wonderful Blessings of Love and Light,

Dana Wagnon

Metatron Muse

(Click Image)  Feel free to join Dana’s group. This is a group of like minded individuals who would like to share their thoughts, feelings, other posts, and to ask questions that other group members may have the answers to. I’m a member of this group and also working with Dana. Currently, working on a blog for her and Archangel Metatron. Metatron asked Dana for her to contact me in regards to his work.


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