What Is Flower Therapy?

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Flower Therapy is based upon nature’s healing abilities, similar to naturopathic medicine. Like the herbal treatments in naturopathic medicine, flowers can be used to create potent healing effects.

Flower Therapy Healing helps with metaphysical issues. It can deepen your spiritual practice and open up your psychic abilities.

Flower Therapy involves working closely with nature, including the fairies and angels. Angels are our loving friends, involved in every aspect  of our lives, and present throughout the planet. They are filled with joy when they see us utilizing God’s healing gifts through working with nature.

To further this experience, Flower Therapy Healing can also be combined with Flower Therapy readings, which are similar to psychic  or angel card readings in that they provide guidance and direction for you.

Everyone can benefit from, Flower Therapy Healing


I’m so excited! This certificate is actually signed by Robert Reeves himself!!  I feel so honored.

  I am following my dreams and you can too!
  I work a full-time job, do readings on the side part time and taking as many classes I can, while being married.  I love my husband so much!

Now it’s your turn to follow your dreams!!


Flower Therapy Healer Workshop 

Learn everything I have discovered about working with flowers and the nature angels!


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(Click Image) What People Are Saying… Don’t just take my word for it. Please click image to read the testimonials from my satisfied clients.

My name is Claudia Ibarra.

I’m a Certified Angel Card Reader™, Realm Reader™ and Certified Fairyologist™ by Doreen Virtue, Ph D. 

Host of our NEW Sunday Show, on International Angels Network

I’m also a Flower Therapy Healer certified by Robert Reeves, N.D.  I am an intuitive Indigo and I enjoy helping others through various decks of Oracle Cards.  I am also an ordained minister by Universal Life Church and the American Marriage Ministries.  I’m also a wife to my beautiful husband that I adore and love ♥ and I enjoy spending my time with my twin flame.

Other services I am working to be qualified to perform are Reiki healing, mediumship, and other energy healing modalities. I will keep you up to date on future services as I become certified!

We can ask and receive help from Angels, they are a gift from our Creator. First, we must and ask for help and guidance; Angels can help us heal – physically, spiritually, emotionally and with abundance. Follow this Divine guidance and we can bring Peace on Earth one person at a time. 

I am on a personal mission to Go Green, Go Toxic Free and to get healthy and I invite you to join me.

I enjoy helping to guide my clients and I am so excited to work with you to guide you to your highest excitement and joy! Your purchase will help me tremendously with my spiritual studies, and help enlighten others around the world.

Thank you for joining me on my Spiritual journey. 

Brightest Angel Blessings!


Angel Card Readings Book a Reading Now

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I have “GIVEAWAY” over 700 readings so far.

Indigo Lightworker offers free angel messages and spiritual guidance to those in need.



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