Go Green & Get Healthy



Our Mission:

Essanté Organics’ global mission is to create a positive impact on the planet and in people’s lives through the much-needed education and use of 100% certified ToxicFree®, organic and wild crafted daily-use products. Essanté Organics’ mission is to eliminate toxins from everyone’s life, one household at a time.

Our Wellness Warriors enjoy one of the most rewarding missions on earth: Providing 100% certified ToxicFree®, organic and wild crafted products to improve lives and enable personal prosperity. Our Customers enjoy a rewarding mission too: they impact their life, the planet, & charities each time they order & enjoy the true health benefits of Essanté Organics products.

What is Essanté?

Essanté is a direct sales company in the health and wellness industry. It was founded in 2009 by Michael Wenniger, who now has over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry. Essanté specializes in products that are 100% organic and toxin-free.

Can they back up their organic claims?

Essanté does have certifications  for all of their claims including certifications from the Toxic Free Foundation, the National Organic Program, and the National Science Foundation—they are also 100% eco-certified for their sustainable development. Essanté is just 1 of only 6 companies in the world that are certified by the Toxic-Free Foundation.

What kind of products does Essanté have?

Essanté has a full catalog of over 75 different products that range a wide variety of categories including but not limited to: personal care products (organic shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash & moisturizer, as well as a full anti-aging skincare line), baby care products (baby body wash and lotion–great for eczema!), weight-loss products (meal-replacement shakes, alkalizing fruit and veggie powders with 5.5 lbs of fruits or veggies in every scoop), health and wellness products (allergy fighting and immune-boosting bee tabs, vitamins and more), cleaning/household products (organic sanitizer, certified free chemical-free laundry detergent), as well as a full line of food-grade and certified organic essential oils.

I am on a personal mission to Go Green, Go Toxic Free and to get healthy and I invite you to join me.

Do we want our children using baby products that have toxic chemicals in them?  What about our own shampoos, conditioners, body wash and toothpaste?

Sadly enough, many of the companies that do boast the term all-natural are actually the ones who have dangerous chemicals in their products that they attempt to cover-up with clever marketing.  Unfortunately, that’s the reality of countless companies and businesses today, which is why we have to become more informed, educated consumers.

Please visit my website and send me a request for your free toxicity report and find out just how toxic your products are!!

There is no question in my mind that I want to utilize the best products possible for my family and myself and I am here to share this message with all of you so that we all become informed and aware of exactly what chemicals and toxins are being soaked into our skin and bodies!

I am building a team of WELLNESS WARRIORS and I would be delighted to take the time to explain what our company has to offer you and your family.


You can contact me on FaceBook @ www.facebook.com/IndigoPowerProducts

We are helping people and changing lives every day.

 The average person is exposed to over 120 highly toxic ingredients every day before 9am. Ingredients are absorbed into your skin, continue into your blood stream & accumulate in your organs.

Click here to view the “TOXIC 10 & More ‘ Chemicals

Click “here”to review our videos on The Toxic Truth Program 


Interested in joining my team?  


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