Archangel of the Month for June 2016

Archangel Uriel comes to us this month to show us the light of the way. He who holds the divine flame of God within his hand shows us how to be at peace with the Universal understanding, love and devotion that we need to have within us. Archangel Uriel, whose name means “God is my light”, teaches you how to connect with the inner teachings of light so you can serve as the beacon of peace. Uriel guides us to the inner knowing of the sacred heart, opening this up and showers love down upon us. He helps you see through divine eyes so you do not judge yourself or others. Being at peace with yourself and your surroundings helps you move forward on a more focused positive path creating positive change within you and around you.

Who is Archangel Uriel?

When most people think of archangels, they in­clude Uriel in the list. Yet, this archangel seems the most mysterious; and eludes the clear definitions ac­corded to Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel.

In the Book of Enoch, Uriel is one of the arch­angels who protected humankind from the Watch­ers (a group of fallen angels), including guiding the prophet Enoch, who later ascended into the archan­gel realm as Metatron.

When To Call On Archangel Uriel

Uriel illuminates our minds with information, ideas, epiphanies, and insights. He reminds me of a wise old uncle in this way. He’s wonderful to call upon whenever you need a solution, such as at business meetings, when writing, while studying, or when taking a test. He’ll whisper correct and appropriate answers into your ear, which you’ll receive as words or thoughts that are suddenly “downloaded” into your mind.

You can call upon Uriel to guide your intellectual pursuits. He works in tandem with the archangel Zadkiel to help students excel on tests and in school.
Color: Yellow

Crystal or Gemstone: Amber

Astrological Sign: Aquarius, the thinker and analyzer



Archangel Uriel, I open my heart and my mind to your divine spark, to ignite the flame within my soul. This flame is the fire of truth and I am ready to accept the understandings of All that Is. Be at peace in knowing that I take this journey with love and devotion.”

“Dear Archangel Uriel, please help me focus my mind and receive all of the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that I need.”

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