Archangel of the Month for March 2016

Here we are already in March!

I tell you, time is catching up with itself. The message of change is a constant nowadays–listen well and apply this information to your life.

For this month of March, Archangel Jeremiel comes to you to share his gifts of prophecy, intuitive ability and truth. He is asking you to step back and take an in-depth look at your life to see how you feel about what you are viewing. There are some radical changes coming your way; old patterns, habits and ways of thinking may cloud these wonderful opportunities of change. Clearing yourself of these old, useless ways will allow for you to accept what is coming your way.

Some of these changes are with romance, family and long desired goals, and all are for the better.

Archangel Jeremiel, whose name means, Mercy of God, is here to help you use your own intuitive abilities or “gut” feeling. He can teach you how to become patient with your learning and to seek out positive information for growth. He will also guide you to those who can help you along this journey if you ask him.

Give your trust over to God, or Source, and understand that everything is happening as it should be. We sometimes tend to let our ego get in the way and think we can control everything. Sound familiar? This is an outdated mode of thinking. By letting this go, you will learn how to see the movement of the situation and shift your understanding or consciousness and this releases an old pattern or understanding. Apply the message from last month, “be gentle with yourself” and know that it does take time to learn. Do not demand too much of yourself. Be patient. Ask Archangel Jeremiel to assist you with trusting your own intuition and to surround you with his energy in times of doubt or fear so that you don’t sway off your current journey.

Call on him during dreams and/or meditation. He will be there for you, with other angels to assist and guide you. Enjoy your journey!


Who is Archangel Jeremiel?

Archangel Jeremiel’s specialty is developing an understanding of spiri­tual visions and clairvoyance; conducting a life re­view so you can make adjustments with respect to how you wish to live.

Archangel Jeremiel is recognized by Eastern Orthodox tradition and in several noncanonical and Coptic books such as 2 Esdras, which outlines conversations between him and Ezra, and then later Zephaniah. Jeremiel explains that he watches over the departed souls from the great Flood. In the Ethiopian Book of Enoch, Jeremiel is listed as one of the seven archangels and is frequently referred to as Ramiel. In this sacred text, as well as the non-canonical 2 Baruch, Jeremiel (Ramiel) is the angel of hope who inspires Divine visions and ministers to the souls who are set to ascend to Heaven.

When To Call On Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jeremiel is said to help newly crossed-over souls review their lives before they ascend to Heaven. He can also help those who ask to review their present life. In other words, you don’t need to wait until your physical passage to have a life review. Archangel Jeremiel can be of assistance as you take inventory of your action and adjust your future plans accordingly.

Jeremiel is a mentor and teacher who clearly guides us to see ourselves and others through the eyes of love.
Color: Dark Purple

Crystal or Gemstone: Amethyst

Astrological Sign: Scorpio, the truth teller who goes into shadows comfortably.



“Archangel Jeremiel, teach me how to trust my own intuition and guidance that comes from you and my guides. Show me how to open my heart and mind to the new understanding that is entering my life. Surround me with your energy in times of doubt or fear so I may stay on my journey of change for the better.”

“Dear Archangel Jeremiel, thank you for helping me have clear spiritual visions of the Divine guidance that will best lead me along the path of my life’s purpose.”

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